Health care Management and Quality

Speciality Primary health care - Skills & training

Organizer Amal Hamoud Aljehaidli

CME/CPD Provider Central Department of Primary Health Care

Scheduled date(s):

From 02 August 2021 To 06 October 2021

Aims And Objectives

o Understand the healthcare system, its components, and key factors. o Gain the up-to date knowledge in the fields of management and safety in healthcare. o Attain ABC of concepts and skills pertaining to quality management in healthcare organizations from inception to implementation. o Build a conceptual framework of multidisciplinary knowledge for health leaders and help them to get educable for more specialized inceptions

Content Outline

1. Organizational Chart 2. SWOT Diagnosis & Strategy Formulation Matrix 3. 7Ps Performance Dashboard 4. Indicators Identification Sheet 5. Gap Identification Sheet 6. Root-Cause Effect Analysis RCA Sheet 7. Performance Improvement Plans 8. Economic Impact for Improvement Plans 9. Organizational Health Record (OHR) 10. Accreditation Audit Tool 11. FMEA 12. Patient Experience Questionnaire 13. Risk Heatmap 14. Focus PDCA 15. Pareto 16. Process Flow Chart 17. Advanced Policy and Procedure Template 18. Advanced Job Description Template SBAR Communication Tool 19. Goal-Path Situational Leadership Matrix 20. Quantum Leadership Model 21. Document Management Matrix 22. Competency Assessment Matrix

Target Audience

Interested GP around 20