Asthma in Kuwait: Practical Solutions for challenges in primary care Part 1 Adult asthma- Clinical Approach

Speciality Primary health care - General/other

Organizer Shaymaa Ali Alfares

CME/CPD Provider Central Department of Primary Health Care

Scheduled date(s):

From 15 January 2022 To 15 January 2022

Aims And Objectives

1. Establish an accurate diagnosis of asthma through a focused history and physical exam. a. Including family, occupational and environmental history b. Including differentiating non-asthma causes of wheezing 2. Explain underlying pathophysiology of asthma to patients and/or family members a. In relation to acute & recurrent episodes and prophylaxis principles b. In relation to mechanism of action for relevant meds c. In relation to red flags of impending asthma crisis 3. Accurately diagnose asthma and assess severity, taking into a. account the heterogeneous disease state, in order to improve b. patient health outcomes and reduce the high burden of disease 4. Assess asthma control at follow-up. Identify modifiable triggers for patients.

Content Outline

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Target Audience

Residents in KFMRP- Residents in GPPDP Program- Family physicians- General practitioners