Basic Life Support (BLS) Course

Speciality Emergency Medicine - Skills & training

Organizer Mohammad SH Bahzad

CME/CPD Provider Taiba Learning & Development Center

Scheduled date(s):

From 30 June 2024 To 30 June 2024

From 16 June 2024 To 16 June 2024

From 09 June 2024 To 09 June 2024

From 02 June 2024 To 02 June 2024

From 26 May 2024 To 26 May 2024

From 12 May 2024 To 12 May 2024

From 05 May 2024 To 05 May 2024

From 28 April 2024 To 28 April 2024

From 07 April 2024 To 07 April 2024

Aims And Objectives

The aim of BLS Course is to train participants to save the lives of victims in cardiac arrest through high-quality CPR. The course objective of the course is that participants will be able to: • Describe the importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival • Describe all of the steps of the Chains of Survival and apply the BLS concepts of the Chains of Survival • Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR • Perform high-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants • Describe the importance of early use of an AED and demonstrate its use • Provide effective ventilation by using a barrier device • Describe the importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation and perform as an effective • team member during multi-rescuer CPR • Describe the technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for an adult, a child, and an infant

Content Outline

Lesson 1: Course Introduction Lesson 2: 1-Rescuer Adult BLS Part 1: Adult Chains of Survival Part 2: Scene Safety, Assessment, and Adult Compressions Part 3: Pocket Mask Part 4: 1-Rescuer Adult BLS Lesson 3: AED and Bag-Mask Device Part 1: AED Part 2: Bag-Mask Device Lesson 4: 2-Rescuer Adult BLS Lesson 5: Special Considerations Part 1: Mouth-to-Mouth Breaths Part 2: Rescue Breathing Part 3: Breaths With an Advanced Airway Part 4: Opioid-Associated Life-Threatening Emergency Part 5: Maternal Cardiac Arrest Lesson 6: High-Performance Teams Part 1: Team Dynamics Part 2: High-Performance Teams Part 3: High-Performance Teams Activity Lesson 6A: Local Protocols Discussion Break Lesson 7: Child BLS Part 1: Pediatric Chains of Survival Part 2: Child BLS Part 3: 2-Rescuer Child CPR Lesson 8: Infant BLS Part 1: Infant BLS Part 2: Infant Compressions Part 3: Bag-Mask Device for Infants Part 4: 2-Rescuer Infant CPR Part 5: AED for Infants and Children Less Than 8 Years of Age Lesson 9: Relief of Choking Part 1: Adult and Child Choking Part 2: Infant Choking Lesson 10: Conclusion Lesson 11: Skills Test Part 1: Adult CPR and AED Skills Test Part 2: Infant CPR Skills Test Lesson 12: Exam Lesson 13: Remediation Part 1: Skills Testing Remediation Part 2: Exam Remediation

Target Audience

All Healthcare Professional

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